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We get it, organizing group travel plans is dull and unproductive.

Quote I often ended up searching a long email thread. Quote

Quote Coordinating is time-consuming, and a huge burden for the leader. Quote

Now, imagine being able to keep all your group travel plans, all in one place!


Create itineraries for groups in minutes


Invite friends to share and discuss trip ideas


Organize, access and share all your group travel plans

Collaborate without chaos

Leave an ever-growing email thread behind. Set a few anchor events, and get a quick consensus from poll as you build an itinerary with friends, families and teammates.

Efficient to plan a trip

Teamwork on the go. Effortlessly.

Harness authentic experiences

Discuss about trip ideas to customize the itinerary and harness your group's own authentic travel experience.

Harness authentic experiences

Stay in the know

Follow a global community of travel tastemakers to discover unique trips, ideas, and stories around the world. Join a trip or arrive where things are happening.

Stay in the know