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Travel Agents planning for customers

Travel Agents

Discuss travel planning with clients easily

With the map, the itinerary and the chat room in one place, discussing and customizing travel planning with clients is easy!

Concierge recommends places


Recommend places in a few clicks

Concierge knows the best places to go! Create your recommendations on TripHugger and send to guests effortlessly!

For Travel Agents

  • Create an itinerary or upload an itinerary from your spreadsheets to seamlessly integrate with your current workflow
  • Adjust the itinerary so your customers can see the changes in real-time
  • Provide customer support by using the chatroom attached to the itinerary

Travel Agents planning for customers

For Concierge and Local Businesses

  • Build your recommendations in TripHugger
  • Share your recommendations to your customers with QR codes
  • TripHugger promotes your business automatically when users come to your area